Civil Aviation

Everything man made that takes to the skies. From commercial passengerjets to small props. These images are captured in the most creative way, making use of the environment and interesting weather were a plane may find itself in.

Military Aviation

I would discribe RAW power as the perfect definition for military aviation. Most shots are taken at airshows across Europe.

The Flightdeck

The business end of aircraft. This section contains photos from the cockpit taken from all over the world and in airplanes such as commercial passengerjets and small props.


Finding yourself on the other side of the planet or in your local area, trying to capture the stunning geographic beauty this earth has to offer.


Taking photos of outer space was not possible untill a few decades ago, in this astrophotography section you will find images of the milkyway and stars. From the Netherlands in Europe to New Zealand.


Man made marvels and historic old towns. Capturing metropols where humans thrive in large numbers.


This album pretty much covers all the rest of my photos. A bit more of nice cars.


Recently started a big project, that will probably take over a year to make. When making a timelapse, you basicly speed up the world. Which could result in some spectacular videos.


A country that exceeded our expectations for sure