About me

Milkyway at the Pinnacles, WA.
Milkyway at the Pinnacles, WA.

My name is Max, a 22 year old photographer and timelapsemaker from The Netherlands. Ever since I was small I was fascinated by everthing that takes to the skies, which probably hasn't gone unnoticed on this page. Following an education Aviation engineering in Amsterdam as well as flying gliders, aviation covers a big part of my life.


Beside those big two hobbies I probably have that nasty travelbug. Visiting new places and exploring regions far away from home gives me a rush. My trips to Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam confirm that.

Through this website I would like to show you my images I have shot over the years and share a large selection of it. The main subjects/genre shown on this page will be land/cityscape, astrophotography, traveling, and aviation.


Below are some other portals where you can find my work. Is there any way you would like to contact me or have a question regarding my photo's, please do not hesitate by using the contact page.